Specializing In Highly-Responsive IT Support, Consulting And Managed IT Services For Businesses In Phoenix

  • Implementing and Managing IT Infrastructure in Phoenix for over 30 years.
  • Our greatest satisfaction comes from making your problems our solutions.
  • We document your entire IT environment from passwords and network diagrams to website logins. EVERYTHING IT related is documented. What’s more you have access to all of it! We hold nothing back from our clients!
  • We don’t nickel and dime our clients. If you call us on the phone for a simple printer driver install for example you don’t get charged!
  • Our Flat Rate Billing plan means you get billed exactly the same amount every month so you can easily budget your IT costs the same way you budget utility costs without any surprises!
Michael Seidner

3 Reasons to Choose M5 Systems to Support Your Computer Network


Our CEO Michael Seidner has been in the IT industry for over 40 years supporting IT infrastructure for small and medium sized businesses. Whether it’s him or his support staff you always get someone with at least 20+ years of experience to engage with your staff. Your issues will be resolved quickly resulting in fewer billable hours and expedited results to your support issues. This means lower costs and higher uptime resulting in greater productivity for your company.


M5 Systems is a Proactive IT Provider meaning we are monitoring all of your devices on your network for hardware and software issues. We are monitoring network anomalies for possible threats to your network. We are monitoring the Dark Web for credential violations so you can act immediately and change passwords of compromised accounts. We monitor everything on your network for threats so we can stop them in their tracks before it becomes a Ransomware Event. All of these proactive policies give you piece of mind that we are on the job 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


M5 Systems never sleeps! You can contact us night or day via email, phone call or texts and WE WILL RESPOND! Our CEO believes in providing the best customer service possible and making sure our clients are always satisfied. You will never be put into a queue and will always have access to a live human being. None of this filling out a support ticket nonsense, just call or text us! We want to help you, we are happy to help you!

See what other business owners are saying about us…

They have gone the extra mile for us!

We've partnered with M-5 Systems since 2012; this alone says a great deal about their level of service. As with many services, M-5 Systems staff are professional and knowledgeable, but unlike a lot of other similar services, M-5 Systems provides proactive suggestions & service; they address any and all needs to ensure end-to-end functionality, and (of particular priority for us) they are never condescending or demeaning given that we are not techno-geeks! And... they provide all this value at a very reasonable price. They have gone the extra mile for us!

Steve Slansky Owner
QS2 Medical Billing & Consulting, LLC.

We’ve Been A Client For 30+ Years

Keeping our network safe and our operations running is critical to us, which is why we only work with M5 Systems. If our network went down, or we were to get hacked, it would significantly harm our business, so we need someone we can trust, which is M5 Systems. They have consistently stayed on top of the newest software and hardware solutions to keep our network safe and consistently stay on top of ensure we have the proper cyber protections working to reduce our risk. I trust they have properly installed onsite and off-site secure backups of our data and users’ information to ensure it’s never lost or compromised which is extremely important to us.

Jeron Downing President
DL Sales Corp

You could not ask for a better company to deal with

I've dealt with Michael and M5 systems for many years and I can say with complete assurance that he and his firm are excellent in every way. Frankly, I could not imagine dealing with anyone else at this point. M5 encompasses quality, service, dedication, and responsiveness. In my professional opinion you could not ask for a better company to deal with.

Black Ops

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