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System Support
System Support
M5 Systems takes a proactive approach to each of our customer's network infrastructure. Through the use of sophisticated network monitoring and reporting our System Support services are much more effective and timely. This results in greater systems uptime, less downtime and a more efficient IT infrastructure.
Types of Support
Whether it's planning a new IT infrastructure, maintaining an existing one or upgrading servers and desktops, our team of IT experts is ready to go the extra mile for your organization.
Many organizations seem to spend the majority of their IT budgets on service and support calls which continually deal with one crisis after another. We believe it is our responsibility to offer our clients an alternative to IT crisis management. This means using sophisticated IT monitoring tools to help prevent situations which can cause significant downtime and result in wasted man hours and money spent which could have been better utilized on improving efficiency.
Proactive network monitoring doesn't have to be an expensive proposition, it has to be effective and utilized in the proper manner. We monitor many different types of network activity and can provide automatic remediation.

Consulting Services

M5 Consulting Services
M5 Systems offers a variety of security solutions for the small to medium business. We can customize a solution to fit your needs or you can purchase an off the shelf solution for your network. We offer several services for scanning your network for network vulnerabilities, locating systems with out of date software patches and detecting network bottlenecks.
M5 Systems can assist your company in designing and implementing a solid network foundation on which you can build a solid infrastructure of servers and workstations. First time consultation visits are free of charge. For details on how M5 Systems can help your organization, contact a member of our accounts team at (602) 789-3214 Direct.

Risk Management

Risk Management for IT
Many articles have been written recently about the increasing likelihood of a cyber war sometime in the not too distant future. This type of scenario might be alarming to some but organizations small and large are faced with security issues which are much more prevalent and pervasive. Many of these threats originate on the internet which can be classified as spyware, malware, phishing attacks, spam (which can also lead to DOS attacks), viruses and the list goes on. Many other types of security breaches come from within the organization which can also have serious consequences resulting in data loss.

About Us

about M5 Systems
M5 Systems started in 1990 as a small VAR of PC Accounting Software. Since then we have created custom software solutions for many small to medium sized businesses from Wholesale Distribution to Manufacturing. Over the last several years M5 has concentrated on the expanding Network and Security market while providing network expertise for some very large companies and basic LAN deployment for small companies.
Our experience and knowledge has taken us from large scale Wide Area Networks, complex multi-site, multi-server solutions to small single-server solutions. We can customize virtually any solution to any given need.
Over the past 7 years we have expanded our services to include software development, client/server systems, Web design and programming. A recent addition to our staff brings more than 24 years of software design and development to us. His experience has been with 5 different Fortune 500 companies, as well as several smaller businesses as a consultant. For the last 9 years he has brought his experience to Web development, specializing in e-commerce and design.
We have also become a security centric company focusing on internal and external network security. We have established relationships with some of the best security vendors in the industry and have been bringing this fantastic technology to many of our clients.
M5 Systems has also become a more full serviced outsourced IT firm providing our clients with network monitoring tools allowing us to perform as a virtual IT department. Many of our clients do not have internal IT staff and depend on M5 Systems to fulfill that role which we take very seriously.
  • Personal Journey
    I started working in IT over 20 years ago when there was no Internet, TCPIP was in its infancy, and hard drives had much less storage than our phones do now! My experiences in the IT industry have taken me all over the spectrum, learning many different technologies, supporting many different types of companies and having so much fun!
    It has been an amazing journey for me and one in which I continue to enjoy with the same eagerness as when I wrote my first Basic program for my father's manufacturing business. Since I started out as a one man show long ago, I have learned that the relationships I have made along the way has been the most gratifying aspect of my career.
    As I continue to cultivate these relationships I invite you and your company to give us the opportunity to establish a relationship that we will both find rewarding and profitable.
    If you've got any questions at all, please feel free to contact me directly at (602) 789-3214 Direct or email me at mikes@m5systems.net. Thanks for visiting m5systems.net. We hope you enjoy reading about the many great technology related services our firm has to offer and we look forward to doing business with you.
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Michael Seidner

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