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System Support

M5 Systems takes a proactive approach to each of our customer's network infrastructure. Through the use of sophisticated network monitoring and reporting our System Support services are much more effective and timely. This results in greater systems uptime, less downtime and a more efficient IT infrastructure.

Types of Support

Whether it's planning a new IT infrastructure, maintaining an existing one or upgrading servers and desktops, our team of IT experts is ready to go the extra mile for your organization.

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Network Monitoring

Many organizations seem to spend the majority of their IT budgets on service and support calls which continually deal with one crisis after another. We believe it is our responsibility to offer our clients an alternative to IT crisis management. This means using sophisticated IT monitoring tools to help prevent situations which can cause significant downtime and result in wasted man hours and money spent which could have been better utilized on improving efficiency.

Proactive network monitoring doesn't have to be an expensive proposition, it has to be effective and utilized in the proper manner. We monitor many different types of network activity and can provide automatic remediation.

Our preferred solutions include:
24 x 7 x 365 Automated System Management
Patch Management and Updates
Complete Network Monitoring
Remote Management
Application Deployment
Asset Management
Ticketing/Service Desk Integration
Data Protection
Privacy – Anti-Spy, Anti-Virus
User State Management


Network Scans

Scanning to improve network performance

Network performance is so critical to many of our clients that any type of severe bottleneck can bring many job functions to a halt. We see this all the time with infected PC's and Servers, defective network switches, damaged cables, excessive internet activity and on and on. Through the use of network scanning and monitoring we can get a baseline of normal network operations for comparison. M5 Systems can react very quickly in this manner and take steps to remediate the problem source and keep your network functioning properly.

Why wait for something bad to happen and then react? Isn't more efficient and less costly to avoid outages in the first place? M5 Systems can help you accomplish this by knowing ahead of time how your network is supposed to perform and keep it running that way instead of not knowing and then guessing as to why it's not functioning properly.

Scanning to search for security leaks

Network security leaks and data loss can cost an organization financially in many different ways. We have seen network after network at many different types of organizations where employees who were no longer with the company still had active accounts! There are many other examples of poor network security such as unpatched systems, former employees with active accounts, administrator passwords which have never been changed, malware running on the network, etc.

M5 Systems will scan and monitor your network 24x7x365 and give you reports based on those scans so you can make informed decisions on what types of steps to take to help secure your network and data. It is very important to take steps to make sure your network is safe and secure from within and without. Being proactive in this area cannot be stressed enough as waiting for a security breach to happen can be very costly and in some extreme cases can mean financial ruin.